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redirectTarget property not working


Level 3


I have configured page redirection using page property option but when i access the page its not redirected to target url. i have verified jcr:content node of configured page it has property called "redirectTarget : provided target url as value". Same functionality working as expected on Geometric site pages but not working on my application. please advise how to resolve this issue.

Steps :

1. open siteadmin

2. Opened page properties by selecting source page and selected "redirect" option.

3. Updated "Redirect" path field with target url.

Please find below attachment for details.


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Level 7

There is an issue of redirectTarget on Sightly template. So is for this reason that Geometrixx work properly.

Probably you have sightly template.


Level 3

Yes we are using Sightly template.I will try this workaround.

Thanks for your suggestions.