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re-install Cq5, double check the directory structure.


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Itried launching pubisher / author and get the same  error.  It doesn't pull up my login page, has a granite error and can't find the jsp page or any resources so I get a blank screen.  I  get the following in the url:  http://localhost:4502/libs/granite/core/content/login.html?resource=%2F&$$login$$=%24%24login%24%24  

I can't get the package manager url or CRXDe editor.  In fact the crxde folder or file is missing.  I  checked the repository  folder is in both quickstart folders.  I have a cq5 folder with an author folder and a publisher folder.  That part looks right.  Both instances launch.

 I don't get how reinstalling the quickstart will help me?  In fact I did create another cq5 folder and put in the author/publisher jar files crx quickstart with port 4504 and 4505.  It does the same thing launches a blank screen.   I don't even get GEOMetrix.  


I did download the entire company install of files from Perforce in order to start over. they are:crxde-1.01win32x86,crx-quickstart,ca5-publish-4503,conf.json  (for re-rerouting to another instance of Felix on another dev box.  This file goes in crxde ),license,1cms-core-ui-1.0.zip,2-cms-contentsnapshot 1.1.zip

Is it possible the crxde lost connection to the repository in perforce when I did a get latest revision but I don't think so?    Maybe that is the issue?  I put another crxde folder in my cq5 folder and I launched it.  It wants to connect to a repository.  How do I do that?  It says http://localhost:7402, and has the password.   I really don't think anyone is using perforce.  I think the crxde just needs to connect to the local repository of files.  There is a .crxde file located in a user directory but the crxde folder was missing.  Can I put the crxde folder in this directory?  Don't know how to connect to the repository.  I launched author and launched crxde and put in port 4502  and it says "error initializing workspace.  error during IDE installation".  I also deleted the .crxde file.

If I can get package manager manager working then I can upload the zip files. 

Help is appreciated, thanks,  Janis R.

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