Random Package name in 6.3 sp2



After upgrading to 6.3 SP2, package names are randomly getting generated if we don't define properties.xml file in the vault. Previously it worked without that and whatever name we gave to the package was taken as the package name.


In Jenkins, we have a script which copies the generated zip file and renames it to packagename.st.buildnumber.zip and then deploys. So that we have packages for each deploy for tracking purpose. Now, this is broken as it always generates random and deploys fails.

To fix this we added a property.xml file to the vault and gave entry name which is required. But now the problem here is the name is fixed even if the rename the zip from Jenkins, still it will have the name defined in property.xml(This is expected). So deploy is failing again.

A possible solution is to update the zip file and change the property.xml file with the dynamic name on each build and zip it back - This is complex.

Any other simpler solutions ????





Previously without the property.xml, it used to take the zip name but now it has become mandatory I think, without the property.xml its generating random zip. If its mandatory how can I change the name dynamically from Jenkins. In Jenkins we are taking the package and renaming it and deploying. Now doing that creates random packagename.






The problem you face is a symptom. I call it a symptom, because the result of your Jenkins build is not unique in a way, that the resulting artifact is unique in name; instead your Jenkins build always produces the same file name. If the filename would be unique, you don't need to do the renaming in Jenkins but you could directly deploy without problems.

To address the root cause you should try to add a custom properties.xml into the content-package, but rather create a proper content-package with a build-dependent unique filename. There are a number of ways for this, maybe create a new version number for every build or integrate a timestamp in the name of the generated file.