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Querying in AEM integrated with SolR


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I have used OOTB integration of remote solr, so that solr indexes can be used to resolve JCR queries.
When querying the JCR using querybuilder, the indexes of solr are used(is the cost is minimum). But only selective data is retrieved from solr indexes such as "path_exact" which is used to retrieve the location of the node, while I have stored other properties as well in the index, only the path of a resource is retrieved by querybuilder.

When I execute a query like below in querybuilder:



p.properties=tweetLink tweetContent userName handler isVerified userName jcr_lastModified

Logs generated :

As shown above, JCR query does not retrieve selective properties as asked by the querybuilder.

Is there a way possible to fetch the indexed data and not just the path_exact from solr to make proper use of indexed data using any querying mechanism such as sql2 or xpath or querybuilder. So that we don't have to access JCR again to retrieve the selective properties.

Vikas Chaudhary

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Opkar Gill​ Any help here ?


Kautuk Sahni