[Q&A | March 2018] Ask the AEM Community Expert: AEM Content Services: What, Why, and How?


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Please find below the Questions asked in [Webinar | March] Ask the AEM Community Expert: AEM Content Services: What, Why, and How?

1 Ritesh: Do we have a recording of this session

* Heather Canepa(privately): Yes, the recording will be posted here: https://forums.adobe.com/community/experience-cloud/marketing-cloud/experience-manager

* kautuk sahni work: To be specific, keep an eye on https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2460607

2. rachit: Is there a way to use it in AEM 6.2 ?

* Mahendra R: The feature packs are available only for 6.3

3. rachit: Can we also get all the rendetions for an assets in this Jsons?

* Mahendra R: Right now, it is possible to define exporters only for your component sling models. and ootb model selector can be used for pages

4. rachit: How can we restrict content services only to our fornt end I.e react? And prevent accessing the component via URL for external folks?

* Mahendra R: You can create the content that you want to expose in a separate hierarchy and restrict to that. Or did you mean something else?

5. Puneet Kankane: Regarding 3rd party consuming this JSON, I have one important question - xxxx.model.json  will give JSON  structure which is very much AEM structure and not a generic one. How do you expect this to be exposed to apps like SPA. Is this not Tightly Coupling SPA and CMS ?? An ANTI-Pattern and non-extensible.

* Mahendra R: model.json will expose all the getters that are defined in your sling models. As Praveen said, you can use jackson annotations to control what properties you want to expose

6. Ritesh: Is there will be more session like this in future?

* kautuk sahni work: Keep an eye on https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/kt/eseminars/ask-the-expert/atace-index.html

7. Anurag sengupta: off topic question, is there any session coming up on integrating AEM with angular 4/5?

* kautuk sahni work: Nothing is planned as of now. We can keep it as consideration.

Recording of the session:- AEM Content Services: What, Why, and How?

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