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How to publish the pages or content from author instance to Publish Instance, how to do replication from author to publish instance in aem 6.5. Can any one please help here..!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Replication, to a publish instance or dispatcher, takes place in several steps:

  • the author requests that certain content be published (activated); this can be initiated by a manual request, or by automatic triggers which have been preconfigured.
  • the request is passed to the appropriate default replication agent; an environment can have several default agents which will always be selected for such actions.
  • the replication agent "packages" the content and places it in the replication queue.
  • in the Websites tab the colored status indicator is set for the individual pages.
  • the content is lifted from the queue and transported to the publish environment using the configured protocol; usually this is HTTP.
  • a servlet in the publish environment receives the request and publishes the received content; the default servlet is http://localhost:4503/bin/receive.
  • multiple author and publish environments can be configured.




  • Navigate to the support page on the author environment.

  • Edit the page to add some new text.

  • Activate Page to publish the changes.

  • Open the support page on the publish environment:

  • You can now see the changes that you entered on author.

This replication is actioned from the author environment by the:

  • Default Agent (publish)
    This agent replicates content to the default publish instance.
    Details of this (configuration and logs) can be accessed from the Tools console of the author environment; or:

The following agents are available in a standard AEM installation:

  • Default Agent
    Used for replicating from author to publish.
  • Dispatcher Flush
    This is used for managing the Dispatcher cache. See Invalidating Dispatcher Cache from the Authoring Environment and Invalidating Dispatcher Cache from a Publishing Instance for more information.
  • Reverse Replication
    Used for replicating from publish to author.  Reverse replication is not used for Communities features, such as forums, blogs, and comments.  It is effectively disabled as the outbox is not enabled.  Use of reverse replication would require custom configuration.
  • Static Agent
    This is an "Agent that stores a static representation of a node into the filesystem.".
    For example with the default settings, content pages and dam assets are stored under /tmp, either as HTML or the appropriate asset format. See the Settings and Rules tabs for the configuration.
    This was requested so that when the page is requested directly from the application server the content can be seen. This is a specialized agent and (probably) will not be required for most instances.
See [0] for more details.


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Answers (1)




Hi @imadullakhan 

To give quick background, content publish from author to publisher happens via replication agent. You can follow the below document to configure replication agent.


Once the replication agent set up you can publish the pages either in bulk or individually. Below article has a video to explain every bit of publishing step.


To summarise

  • Create the replication agent and configure the required parameters and you can set the connect if it is success. 
  • Publish the page using the publish/activate button.