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publish - dispatcher different behaviour


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we have an strange behaviour with the dispacther and publish request.

In jcr (author and publish machines) we have this node:


with the property:

cq:tags String[]  brochure-groups:mediterranean-(en)

sling:resourceSuperType String sling/collection

By Java code we want to retrieve this particular collection. Below the peace of java code:

final Map<String, String> map = new HashMap<String, String>();

map.put("path", "/content/dam/collections/");

map.put("type", "sling:collection");

map.put("tagid", "brochure-groups:mediterranean-(en)");

Testing directly to the publish machine (without dispacther) our function (the code) will find 1 result (good collection).

Testing with dispatcher in the middle our function will find 0 results.      

We check all logs, in all machines without find anything regarding this strange behaviour.

Do you have any idea regarding this strange behaviour ?

We tried also to remove this line map.put("type", "sling:collection"); without any succeed

Thank you very much.


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Could you generate debug logs for the query and then compare the difference b/w both queries: Through dispatcher vs Through Publisher

Navigate System console. Create a new logger for com.day.cq.search.impl.builder.QueryImpl at DEBUG.



Also, Are you logging in as same user (anonymous or some specific user) in both the scenarios, when you are testing your query in both dispatcher and publisher?