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Problems with ContextHub and users experience simulation


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I am trying to perform some personalization in my own website using the Client Rules engine. I have already performed succesfully some personalization in Geometrixx site, but I cannot make it work for my site.

Following the instructions on the documentation, I have added these lines of code on my site:

    1. In the <head> section I have added:

        <sling:include path="contexthub" resourceType="granite/contexthub/components/contexthub" />

        <cq:include script="/libs/cq/cloudserviceconfigs/components/servicelibs/servicelibs.jsp"/>

    2. At the beginning of <body>, just after the tag:

        <cq:include path="clientcontext" resourceType="cq/personalization/components/clientcontext"/>

    3. Before the </body> tag:

        <cq:include path="cloudservices" resourceType="cq/cloudserviceconfigs/components/servicecomponents"/>

After doing this, I set up a very simple targeting campaign, with simple experiences and segments for testing purposes. The problem comes when I run my website on Preview mode, and by changing from one user to another in the ContextHub it doesn't resolve the different segments (seems like always is logged with the same user).

However, surprisingly for me, if I open the Classic UI it works. Ussing the Classic UI and changin users in the ContextHub, they work properly, resolving their segments and showing the right experiences. Also ClientContext shows the right information.

Could anyone help me to make it work without opening the Classic UI? I will do appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

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See this article on personalization: 


Its done in Classic. Using Classic for some AEM tasks still work better than Touch. The only advanage Touch has is if you are developing your site on a tablet. If you are using a Desktop - nothing wrong with using Classic View. 


Level 10

More info on this: 

Touch ui and classic ui is for developers - the end user will always see same site irrespective of in which you have developed the content.