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Problems when installing AEM62 Servicepack1


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We have a AEM6.2 installation with the following hotfixes installed:

When trying to install the 6.2 ServicePack 1 on top of this, according to

and applying the hotfix-12785 first (using PacketManager), we get a lot of errors in the error.log (attached), and the expected message below never shows up in the error.log.
*INFO* [OsgiInstallerImpl] org.apache.sling.audit.osgi.installer Uninstalled bundle updater.cq-6.2.0-hotfix-12785 from resource TaskResource...

Is it so that the SP1 requires a clean AEM6.2 installation with no other hotfixes installed ?
If so, is it possible to uninstall them ?
Or is it only one of the hotfixes above that causes the problem ?

Think all of the hotfixes, except 11687 (Oak1.4.5), is included in the SP1.



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Uninstalling the hotfixes that you have installed is a very risky thing. Especially as one of them seem to be an Oak Upgrade (1.4.5). We have seen cases in the past, where an attempted downgrade of Oak has resulted in repository scans which could take several hours depending on the size of your repository. 


About the issue at hand. I had a few follow up questions :-

1. Did you reproduce this issue locally more than once ?

2. Did you see any  Warnings before the framework related errors shown in the logs ?