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Problems bootstrapping a React SPA app from aem-spa-project-archetype


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When running an unmodified React SPA project I'm seeing two xhr calls being made to:



The first call to en.model.json returns successfully but then the second call is failing.

Why is the second call to ".model.json" being made? That URL looks wrong. How do I fix this?

Steps to reproduce

AEM Version: 6.5

I was able to start a React SPA project using the aem-spa-project-archetype.

  1. `mvn clean install -PautoInstallPackage -Padobe-public`
  2. Follow instructions to update CORS config in AEM. aem-spa-project-archetype/DEVELOPMENT.md at development · adobe/aem-spa-project-archetype · GitHub
  3. run `npm start` in the react-app directory.
  4. View network call in your browser while accessing localhost:3000
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Accessing localhost:3000 will throw this error because it's trying to retrieve the root path.

Try accessing your specific home.html page http://localhost:3000/content/demo/en/home.html


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Thanks Estelito!

I'd mark your answer as correct but I can't find the button.