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personalisation based on user traits


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I am looking at a requirement where client's existing AD provides close to 30-35 data points for each user.The requirement is to have personalized experiences for different users based on these data points .

This is for intranet portal - for example some users will be employees who are from USA and on a job role as Analyst.They should see some x experience.

where as  someone who is from Germany and on role Director would see different experience.Moreover, these users will also see CTAs/Links (for example my links section would be driven by their role group).

I am assuming we will integrate with AD via SSO configuration so that whenever user logs in his profile will be brought to AEM along with all those data points.

Then we make these traits/data points available via context hub so that the personalisation can be done from Adobe target.

is this approach ok or there are any other better approaches?

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