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Permissions for AssetShare


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Hi All,

Does anyone know what permissions are needed to render the Asset Share Viewer and Editor pages properly?  We have an Asset Share in AEM 6.1 SP1, classic UI.  The Asset Share renders just fine, however, the Viewer and Editor can only be rendered by a user who belongs to the Administrators group.

Any ideas?



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Level 10

I am looking into this for you. I will post back my findings. 


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Hello smacdonald2008,

I have been looking into this further on my end as well and have found the following:

It seems that users need read access on /home/ for this this to work.  With this permission in place, when the user visits an asset share page (like http://localhost:port/content/geometrixx/en/company/press.html) the following structure is created under their profile: /profile/lighbox/default.  "lightbox" and "default" are sling:Folders.  Once this structure is in place the Viewer and Editor pages will render properly for the user.

Just wondering if you might have any further information about this.  It seems odd to me that any given user would need permission on the full /home/ structure -- would that be the intention?  I feel like this is a product bug.  I have logged a ticket with Adobe on this but so far the responses haven't been helpful.  Just wondering if you might have any insight...?


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Did you get this issue fixed by adobe?

I have the same situation where Lighbox feature is not available for other users except administartors, please share if you got this fix





Level 3

Yes, we were able to resolve.  This was a known issue.  Here is some info they provided:


Known issue:

CQ-89379 - Lightbox Permissions issue


Fortunately, there is a hotfix released by engineering to address the issue

NPR-11517 - Hotfix Request for CQ-89379 : Lightbox Permissions issue


Note that this hotfix has a set of dependency fixes which you need to have prior to installing this hotfix.


The exact order of installation would be below [in sequential order downwards]


1) AEM 6.1 SP1

2) cq-6.1.0-hotfix-8867-1.1.zip

3) cq-6.1.0-hotfix-10768-1.4.zip

4) cq-6.1.0-hotfix-9513-1.2.zip

5) cq-6.1.0-hotfix-11517-1.0.zip