Performance of AEM 6.1



We are facing performance issues with AEM 6.1 instance. Issues faced:

1. Slowness in page load. Hence affecting Authoring tasks

2. Memory Consumption.

As per Adobe suggestion we installed SP2 and SP2 CFP13 in the current instance and also performed below activities:

1. Workflow Purge

2. Offline Tar Compaction

We didn’t noticed any improvement in the performance of the server, though only 2 users were accessing it. Loading time was too much.

After 1 day itself, there was drastic slowness in the server. Memory consumption got increased and we were unable to load anything.

Please let us know how to check the performance after installing the SP. And what is the resolution for the same.







slow performance can have many many root causes. Starting from slow or overloaded hardware going to overloaded or slow networks (low bandwidth and/or high latency) up to slow desktop machines (or using IE11).

You should be more specific here. And it's easy to do basic triaging on performance:

* Check developer tools of a browser and find out what is rendering slow.

* compare the load times for individual files with the load times logged on the server.

If you think that the loading times on the server are too high, try to build a test system you can compare these values to (another system, and empty instance on the same machine, ...). Check the system/server monitoring to see if there's any bottleneck. Do threaddumps and try to find out if the JVM has bottlenecks.





Any solution how we can improve the performance in Production Environment?We are getting memory alert - Availability:
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