Parsys displays with 0 Width when added in custom container(Eg: Column Container)



I'm developing a component which will divide the div into 2 parts have a parsys in it (Eg: Column Control).I'm not specifying any width on parent div.


<p> Some Text </p>

<div data-sly-resource="${@path='root', resourceType='foundation/components/parsys'}"></div>


When I drag and drop this component on page, parsys rendering with width 0px.

style="top: 35px; left: 0px; width: 0px; height: 40.25px;"

If any component in added in the parsys its automatically taking the width of component. 

Please suggest me , how can I identify whether some compnent is authored in write a condition to apply custom css.



Anusha A.




Answers (1)

Answers (1)




Hello @Anusha ,

I think I might have the answer to your question but I'm not sure because I'm a bit confused by the wording. Could you please:

  1. Show us the end result you want
  2. Show us a screenshot of what you have
  3. Tell us if you are using any CSS grid system (custom or Bootstrap, etc.)