Page Properties cloud service tab not reading /conf cloud services AEM 6.4.1



Hi team,


I am working on AEM 6.4 we have created few cloud configs(like facebook and twitter connect) and expecting that should be visible in page properties cloud config dropdown but they are not visible there is already 1 thread for same discussion


Can someone please let us know if there is any configuration required to read the configs from /conf instead of /etc


Thanks in advance.



Sahil garg.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hey Sahil,

As mentioned by Sunjot, the configurations are now stored under the node /conf/<my-app>/settings/cloudconfigs/<cloud_service>.

Go to Sites, select your application root, and click properties. Note that a cloud configuration value is found under the advanced tab. Clicking on the cloud configuration field brings up a conf browser. Select the configuration folder that was created earlier on (my-app).

Cloud Service tab is still used for legacy cloud services (i.e. cloud services that have not moved to /conf and whose configs continue to reside in /etc/cloudconfigs).




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Answers (1)




* Did you upgrade from AEM 6.3 or below? If yes, did you perform Repository Restructuring[1] after performing In-Place upgrade?

* Did you have any configs under /etc/cloudservices?

If you have any old configs under /etc, copy/move those configs to /conf folder as per [1], delete the ones under /etc and then restart the Restart the OSGi Component related to them.


Let me know if it helps resolve the issue.