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Osgi configuration service pid property


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I am currently working on aem6.4.

I have a osgi configuration , where I have a property service.pid and value with that class.

This property is not showing up in the configuration manager console.

Is this the expected behavior in aem6.4??

I have checked the same in aem6.2, it's showing up the service pid in the corresponding configuration in osgi console.


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After checking the AEM release notes - there is no discussion about a change here.


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Can you share you code? Could be issue with code. With OSGI annotation, you can get property like service.pid by defining method with name service_pid

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Arun Patidar


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Thanks Scott and Arun,

I have the same code deployed in aem 6.2 and 6.4 ,

6.2 I am able to see the service.pid configuration for custom configuration.

But the see I am unable to see in 6.4.

I have seen a article where the configuration bindings are removed in 6.4 , is this some where related to the above issue?

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