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OOTB TextImage comp on AEM


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I have encountered a very strange issue that I can't explain, so I came for some help.

The issue can be described like this:

- is a textimage component with in-place editing.After the configuration is done (add some text, drag-and-drop the image) and click on Done icon of the dialog, the content is not rendered (nothing happens, not an error, nothing).The problem is that this behavior can be encountered only on dev1 env.I tested the issue on qa1 and local envs and it works fine.

I've tried restarting the env, but some result.

I need some tips or a solution would be even better.


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Hi puscasd28708152 ,

Can you make sure whether the environment having issue is running properly(all bundles are active).

If yes, please check the OOB component in crx/de and make sure all the files are present for that component(by comparing it from local or QA).


Arpit Varshney


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Did you check browser console if you are getting any JS errors ?


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Also, check how this component is behaving on different templates. Worth to test with the OOTB sample template.



Is it reproducible on just 1 specific browser or a few on dev?

Try deleting browser cache, dispatcher cache(if configured), & browser cookies. Open Incognito Window and try again.

When you save the component on the page and render the page, do you see any errors in Console tab and/or 4xx/5xx errors in Network tab in Dev Tools?


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@sunjot16 The bug is reproducible on any browser.After Empty Cache and Hard Reload on Chrome Browser the output is the same(component is not rendered).There is not displayed any error in Network tab.

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