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One Solution Fits All — Smart Imaging with AEM Dynamic Media by Karanjeet Singh


What is AEM Dynamic Media?
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) helps you to provide your customers with personalised, content-led experiences. It provides cloud-native agility to accelerate time to value and is extensible to meet your unique business requirements.

Dynamic Media helps you deliver rich visual merchandising and marketing assets on demand. It also helps you create and serve interactive viewing experiences. Your assets are dynamically scaled for consumption on web, mobile, and social sites. Dynamic Media generates and delivers multiple variations of this content, in real-time through its global, scalable, performance-optimized CDN (Content Delivery Network).

What is Smart Imaging?
Smart Imaging capability with AEM Dynamic Media is a proprietary technology that applies Adobe Sensei capabilities and works to enhance image delivery performance by automatically optimising image format, size, and quality based on client browser capabilities & end-user characteristics. This is available to all Dynamic Media Classic and AEM Dynamic Media customers at no additional cost. Check out the link for FAQs/ pre-requisites and if interested to leverage this capability on your digital properties powered through Dynamic Media, please contact our support team and they will help set you up on it.

Recently we published on how next-gen image formats have really unlocked the power of compressing images more and more. Read here: Image Optimisation with Next Gen Image Formats (WebP and AVIF). Smart Imaging already supports formats like WebP, JPEG2000, and JPEGXR that automatically convert JPEG / PNG to these next-gen formats. With effect from May 2022, Smart Imaging also adds support for AVIF Format. In the blog on Image Optimisation using Next Gen Image Formats (WebP/AVIF) we published, AVIF has provided a 20% extra size reduction over WebP, which provided a 27% reduction over JPEG. All at the same visual quality. In total AVIF provides up to 41% average size reduction over JPEG (in some images we even got 76% reduction).

Smart Imaging does all the quality mapping automatically.

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One Solution Fits All — Smart Imaging with AEM Dynamic Media


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