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On/Off Time in AEM Pages by Veena Vikraman


#AEMGyaan time people  Today I was exploring on the On/Off feature of AEM. I actually never tried this feature much . I was trying to capture the event ( if anything associated ) to do some jobs. But the problem with On/Off time in AEM pages is that they are not associated with any events. As Jörg mentions in this forum response

Basically the on/off time feature is built in into the sling resource resolution process. If the resource is available, but the on-time has not yet been reached or the off-time has been already reached, it simply returns a "ResourceNotFound" exception, which translates into a 404.

The framework that processes requests however evaluates the on time/off time value at run time and if the the current date and time are before the on time or after the off time it returns a 404 as if the page did not exist. - Paul McMahon
So what happens in On/Off time which is different from Managed Publication ( Schedule publish at later time).

On off time feature in CQ is mainly used if you want pages to be available after specific time and at same time don't want to activate bunch of pages at same time. For example you have 1K pages and you want to make those pages available at 9:00AM next day, But you know that you have high traffic on author at 9:00AM so it won't be good idea to activate all 1K pages at that time using scheduled activation. So what you can do is, set on time for those pages at 9:00AM next day and then activate those pages during less traffic time (Even before 9:00AM). Pages will go to publish but it won't be rendered as on time is not reached yet.

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On/Off Time in AEM Pages


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