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NetCentric's actool-service has no ACL in Permission


Level 3

We installed netcentric ac tool in the AEM Cloud as a Service. The installhook has applied the ac tool successfully based on the log. But when we checked the permissions, actool-service shows no entries of principal. Is this expected? 



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Level 3

Thanks for the reply. A couple questions:

1. I am using AEM Cloud as a Service, is this still the requirement that i need to manually add this in the permission? I thought NetCentric can add via installhook.

2. In the link you referenced: accesscontroltool/accesscontroltool-package/src/main/jcr_root-cloud/apps/netcentric/actool/config/or...


It says I need to add jcr:all in :repository. But I cannot find this path ":repository" in crxde. Is this expected?


scripts=["create service user actool-service with forced path system/cq:services/actool
set principal ACL for actool-service
allow jcr:all on /
allow jcr:all on :repository