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Multifield touch ui listeners


Level 4


 I have implemented as mentioned  listeners for touch ui above. It is working fine. But here I have few queries.

1)Clientlibs - categories[]- cq.authoring.dialog.   Is this mandatory to give category name as cq.authoring.dialog ? Because I tried to give another name. then it is not working. please explain

2) Suppose I have another component with multifield and for that also I need to implement some logic. In such cases how to do that. I would like to explain this with example

a) I have one dialog with multifield and the limit on number of items is :4. For this I have implemented the logic as mentioned above

b) I have another component dialog with multifield . I need to implement some logic in that. Suppose limit on number of items is 6. and I have few alert messages also.

Here aslo I have component specific clientlibs with categories cq.authoring.dialog. and listeners related js. 

So , here one thing happend which I am not able to understand.

alert messages are getting executed for first component dialog also. and the limit implemented for first dialog getting applied on second also.


Please let me how to resolve this. Please let me know , how to implement listeners for multiple dialogs present in different components




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