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MSM | Deleting pages in blueprint do not delete pages in Live Copy


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According to this AEM 6.1 documentation https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/administer/sites/msm/msm-bp.html

  • Deleting pages in a blueprint will result in corresponding pages being deleted from live copies after rollout with standard rollout configuration.

Unfortunately, we can't get this to work. We've also tried this for Geometrixx Sample site. We are using the Standard Rollout Configuration.

The behaviour we see is:

  1. Pages are not deleted in the Live Copy
  2. ClassicUI (under Status) says that the respective blueprint page has been deleted
  3. Blueprint Control Center doesn't show the respective page in the Live Copy
  4. TouchUI (under View Properties) states that the page is in sync and displays the deleted blueprint page as source

Is there something we are doing wrong? The things we are seeing seem inconsistent.  What's the best way to delete a blueprint page and have that propagated to the Live Copies? 

Would appreciate any kind of help. 


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Hi, it seems that answer functionality is broken so i'm writing this as a comment. The documentation states that delete is propagated AFTER ROLLOUT. The only way you have to trigger the rollout of a no-longer-existant page is to trigger rollout on the parent page and tick the checkbox "Rollout page and all sub pages". If the blueprint has the "Standard rollout config", this will rollout the deletion of the page