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Modify table inline edit default value


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Hi all,

I am developing a table component using the 6.2 inplace edit functionality. In the default component (/libs/foundation/components/table) only inline/inplace editing is used to populate the table. 

By default, when opening the inline table edit, a table with 3 columns and 2 rows is generated. What is the best way to adjust this? 

I have tried following options: 

  • Define a cq:template node on the table component and add the default table as the value of property "tableData". This works, the default table is generated correctly, but only when entered using CRX - it's not possible to package this solution because of the HTML in an XML property (The value of attribute "value" associated with an element type "tableData" must not contain the '<' character).
  • Define a hidden form field in the dialog containing the value, same result as above: this works but also not packageable due to invalid XML. This method also had the disadvantage that when you don't open the dialog, that the value is not set. 

I looked for a rtePlugins value, or more information regarding the table inline edit option but since this appears to be quite new, I could not find any docs.

Is there any way available to set the default inline edit table? Overlaying the inline edit table option seems somewhat overkill to me, but if that's the only way I guess I'll look into that.


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Please let me know if any one has fix for this problem. I am facing similar issue in AEM 6.3.

Is it a product bug that I can assume ?

Thanks & Regards,

Anupam Maiti