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Manage different page property dialog - Editable template


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I have a requirement and wondering if it is possible through some configuration.

So here is my requirement...

1. I have created a base editable template

2. Now using base template i created another template, this template rendering requirement is similar as base template apart from Initial content that i configured while configuring this template using base editable template

3. Now, this new template which i created in line 2 has a requirement to have another tab in page property dialog which is not available in base template page property dialog (as it inherited)

4. To resolve this, one way is to create a new page component for this new template and create custom tab and map it to page property dialog as well as, make base template page component as super type along with changing the sling:resourcetype under /conf area and point to new resource type of custom page rather using base page component.

       - The issue is, for each of such use case then i have to create a new page component just for custom page property dialog

       - and also, it will be not true editable templates right mapping with base template as it was defined/created using base template

I am looking for some elegant solution so that just for custom tab in page property dialog for new template i need not require to create a new page component and do all stuff mentioned above.

Let me know if anyone has faced similar issue or solve this problem.



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Can your original template be created using context fragment templates [1] where you can have variations of the same fragment to include/remove contents from it per your business requirements.

[1] Content Fragment Templates


Level 9

Thank you for reply.

My requirement is related to page property dialog variation (in editable template and using same template type with different page property dialog rather creating new page component just for dialog variation) not for content sharing or reusability.