Main Differences between AEM On Prem and On Cloud



Hi all,


What are the Main Differences between AEM On Prem and On Cloud?

The way I understood it is that for OnCloud, AEM Version upgrades and SW Patches are applied by Adobe and not us.

Who will handle DevOps? 

Who will deploy changes in AEM customizations / configurations?

If I want to implement AEM, Where else is the impact?

Which flavor needs more resources?


Appreciate your responses.




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Accepted Solutions (1)




AEM as a cloud service is not AMS (Adobe Managed Service), these are 2 distinct services, and there's also a difference in the technology between these 2.

You can consider AEM as a cloud service (AEMCS) as a PAAS solution, where Adobe is handling all operational aspects (not sure what kind of tasks you were thinking of when you mention "devops"). From your questions the only aspect you (as partner/implementer/developer) is executing is the deployment, which is completely handled by CloudManager.