Localization in Adobe AEM



AEM implementations are not cheap, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to overlook any potential cost savings. When it comes to creating and propagating changes on localized content branches, using TM-like storage inside AEM can reduce costs significantly.

The AEM product helps you with out-of-the box solutions but still gives you huge space for bespoke design. The AEM dictionary (still using the Classic UI), claims to be the ultimate solution. It has a major flaw though; it tightly couples your component logic with an entry within the glossary. It is only useful if your component toolbox is large and the building blocks are designed for one purpose only.

Mateusz Chrominski joined Wordbee for a guest post about localization challenges in AEM and wrote about the benefits of AEM dictionaries & template processors in one easy solution. If anyone is interested in localization in Adobe AEM feel free to check out this link to read the full article: