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Local Dispatcher Setup || AEM 6.5


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Hi Team,

Hope you all are safe.

Although am not a  DISPATCHER Expert but due to project requirement, We are trying to setup dispatcher locally.,


I followed this link https://engineering.icf.com/local-aem-dispatcher-made-easy/ and found it quite easy.


I followed all steps written and I see this project structure in my local as :





We have already one dispatcher module project in place and its structure is quite different from above one.This project is having real project configurations that I need to install locally and test.

Please see below:





Now, is there any way we can use above dispatcher configuration in place of the  one  that I cloned while following above link.?








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If I understand the issue correctly, you want to take the project dispatcher configs from your codebase and use them in the Docker project you grabbed off of github?


It is possible to use your project disp configs but you will need to rewrite the Dockerfile so that it understands the configuration. The blog post on how to make a local disp setup easy is just putting everything into 2 files and including the dispatcher module. Which honestly is how things used to be done back before AEM 6.3. When it comes to AEM 6.5 disp configs are broken out a bit more so that you can use the same set in multiple environments and have reuse between different vhosts.


Instead of trying to make your configs fit into that Docker container, I would start over with a blank Linux/Apache Docker container and build off of that.


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@bmccurdy, Thank you for your reply. Do you suggest any link which I can follow in order to have blank Docker container? Thanks in advance.


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we deployed the dispatcher changes from git repo, for local we used the aem-sdk to setup dispatcher in AEMaaCS but the dispatcher works with traditional AEM as well.

you can find more details here if this approach helps


Arun Patidar


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Hi All ,





I tried to follow another article as its archetype structure is very close to our project code base.



After I performed all steps successfully.



When I try to access local:8082, It gives "You don't have permission to access / on this server.".(I changed port from 80 to 8082 in docker-compose.yml).




Below are docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile for the reference.







Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.