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JSP does not complain on error


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    We are trying to integrate CQ-ATG, but surprisingly identify that when we have not imported or made any reference to the packages/taglibs/libraries of ATG but were trying to reference the taglibs and classes expecting it to error. But it does not throw any error nor parse it rather the rest of the page page loads fine.

Please clarify on this scenario which would be very helpful.


When we added this to our CQ Component JSP, there were no errors thrown.

<dsp:importbean bean="/atg/commerce/ShoppingCart" var="v_ShoppingCart"/>
<dsp:getvalueof var="v_orderNumber" bean="ShoppingCart.last.id" scope="request"/>



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Another possibility - you haven't included the taglib declaration for the dsp prefix. If you don't do that then the JSP compiler won't treat those as custom JSP tags and just output them as-is in the response.


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There are two possibilities:

  1. The error is being thrown it just doesn't show up on the page - instead the component in question is suppressed and the error only shows up in the error.log. Depending on how you are including the component and you template structure this is a possibility. 
  2. Your component isn't actually getting included on the page for one reason or another. 



To check the status of your taglibs, you can find them via the OSGi-console: