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JCR – Content Repository for Java Technology by Krassimir Boyanov


As we already discussed in our previous article Technology Guide To Adobe Experience Manager, The JCR 2.0 standard, JSR 283, specifies a vendor-independent and implementation-independent way to access content bi-directionally on a granular level within a content repository. The JSR 283 was released back on 2009, as of now it is eleven years old. The JSR 283 was developed by the Java Community Process.

Notable contributors from Day Software AG were David Nuescheler (Specification Lead) and Roy Fielding. Read more about contributors here.

Note: Day Software was the company that created Communiqué, which after the Adobe acquisition in 2010, was rebranded briefly as Adobe CQ and then named Adobe Experience Manager.

Repository Model
The repository model describes the objects, types and structures that compose a JCR repository. The description is language-neutral and focuses on the static aspects of the data model.

The followings are the main behavioral aspects of the repository, and in particular the Java API for performing operations on the model:

To begin using a repository, an application must acquire a Repository object. Access to a Repository object may be provided through a number of standard Java naming and discovery mechanisms, but must at the minimum be provided through an implementation of the RepositoryFactory interface.

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JCR – Content Repository for Java Technology


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