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I am trying to explore more on java design patterns(e.g: Factory design pattern, Singleton design pattern or etc).So As an AEM developer I have question which design pattern we mostly use in AEM related use cases(e.g: sling models with services or web services call through sling Servlet...etc) and which could be the best fit to design most of our general AEM use cases.

Let me know if there is reference I can look at it. please enlighten.



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Answers (1)




Hi @srikanthg212933,

We can use any design patterns that we like as OSGi makes CQ5 very modular, so we are free to use whatever suits our needs.Since AEM is built using OSGI, many of the design patterns for OSGI are valid.


Some of these design patterns are Singleton (Service), Adapter Service, Resource Adapter Service, and Whiteboard. Reference: