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Issues with personalization inside experience fragments


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Hey Everyone,


We currently are using Personalization with ContextHub and within experience fragment pages, meaning that in an experience fragment page, there are components targetted to display personalized content.

However, there is a behaviour in content pages using those experience fragments that makes the rendering of those experience fragments delayed by 5s. Taking a look at the target component, this is by design of the target component.


It seems that the delay is caused because somehow ContextHub is not able to resolve the default content that is configured in the experience fragment pages, causing to not load any teasers and finally causing the 5 seconds delay. This gets more troublesome when installing Service Pack 8, since changes in the target component where made and somehow, ContextHub events never finish and the page gets looped.


Is there a way to put the data/segments that ContextHub uses, at the level where the experience fragment component is used? Like iterating the segments of that experience fragment personalized content nodes, and make them avaialable in a data atribute with a JSON loaded with all this data, so that ContextHub somehow picks it and resovle it?

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Hi @mrivas-xpediant 


Have you thought of using the Remote offer that is provided by using Adobe Target with XF on AEM.

In this way you can create the content on AEM and then the same can be configured on Adobe Target using the Remote offer. The segments can be created on Target and based on the segment match the content will be loaded immediately where you will not find any delay with response.


You can check the detail here: