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Issues Using extraClientLibs property on dialog open in Touch UI in AEM 6.3


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I am using extraClientLibs property to load a js on dialog open. My concern is that the js gets loaded on a page refresh and subsequent  opening a dialog. The js is unable to load if a page refresh is not performed and the dialog is opened.

For example, I have a js mycomponent.js placed under a clientlib "image.ms". This clientlib value is populated on the cq:dialog in the extraClientLibrary property.

The expectation is that the mycomponent.js should be loaded every time I open the  Touch UI dialog widget. This is not happening. However, after page refresh I am able  to load the js on opening the dialog.

Is this expected behavior ?



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Checking this with our Touch UI experts.


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More information here about Clientlibs - Using Client-Side Libraries

I believe that a clientlib loads when the page is refreshed. That makes sense too when you refresh the page - the libs should load that are available when you open a component dialog.