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Issue with Color Picker in granite multifield in AEM 6.1


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Hi All,

Greetings !!!!!!!!!

I am facing an issue with "Color picker" in granite multifield  in AEM 6.1..

When I author the dialog with color picker in multifield for the first time, its value is getting stored under component's jcr:content node which is not expected. As it is expected to be stored under the multifield node as sub nodes.

But when I author is for second time the values are going perfectly under the multifield nodes as expected.

I am confused about this behavior of storing the values of color picker in multifield.

It would be great if you could help me in resolving this issue of storing the values of color picker under multifield node rather that under the component's jcr:content node when authored for the first time.

Thanks in advance.


N Phalgun Kumar

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