Issue While Overlaying Collections Page



Hi Everyone,

In AEM I'm trying to overlay the /libs/dam/gui/content/collections/jcr:content/actions node because I have customized action button that I want to add. I noticed, though, the overlay does not get picked up and every time I open it I get to libs/dam/gui... instead of mnt/overlay/dam/gui.... Then I noticed that the global navigation button for Collections (or /libs/cq/core/content/nav/assets/collections) has its href pointing to /libs/dam/gui/content/collections.html/content/dam/collections while the other buttons in that navigation panel (Files, Shared Links..),  point to mnt/overlay...

It is the same situation with the navigation rail on the top left corner with the collection component here /libs/dam/gui/content/nav/navigationlinks/items/collections. Again it points to /libs/dam...

I can think of other way to make it work besides overlaying those buttons, as well, but I was wondering if that was on purpose or a bug perhaps?

Thank you very much.






We overlayed those buttons to have them pointing to /mnt/overlay... It works this way but we wanted to reduce the number of customized components in the UI, hence the question here.

Thank you