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iOS SwiftUI App - AEM Headless Example | AEM Community Blog Seeding




iOS SwiftUI App - AEM Headless Example by Adobe


Video: https://images-tv.adobe.com/mpcv3/6284/04eb7687-5921-47e2-9939-57e40a373487_1634775922.854x480at800_h264.mp4

Example applications are a great way to explore the headless capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This iOS application demonstrates how to query content using the GraphQL APIs of AEM. The Apollo Client iOS is used to generate the GraphQL queries and map data to Swift objects to power the app. SwiftUI is used to render a simple list and detail view of the content.

How to use
Clone the aem-guides-wknd-graphql repository:

git clone git@github.com:adobe/aem-guides-wknd-graphql.git
Launch Xcode and open the folder ios-swiftui-app

Modify the file Config.xcconfig file and update AEM_HOST to match your target AEM Publish environment

// Target hostname for AEM environment, do not include http:// or https://
AEM_HOST = localhost:4503
// GraphQL Endpoint
AEM_GRAPHQL_ENDPOINT = /content/cq:graphql/wknd/endpoint.json
Build the application using Xcode and deploy the app to iOS simulator

A list of adventures from the WKND reference site should be displayed on the application.

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iOS SwiftUI App - AEM Headless Example


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