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Integrating AEM 6.5 with Adobe Target by Bounteous


Over a year ago, I wrote a guide for integrating Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.4 with Adobe Target. Since then, with the release of AEM 6.5, a few things have changed. I see this article as an update of the previous guide we released, so here I’ll only highlight some key differences and issues I ran into when implementing with AEM 6.5. All the same prerequisites in 6.4 still apply in 6.5, so make sure to check out the first guide before getting started, if you haven’t yet.

Adobe IMS Configuration for Target
The primary change in configuring the integration is how AEM authenticates with the Target API. The new recommended approach for this is using Adobe IMS (Identity Management System) instead of username and password credentials. This approach previously in AEM 6.4 only worked for Adobe Launch.

When you set this up, note that you will need a separate API integration in the Adobe Developer Console for Launch and Target. I initially thought we could use the same, but that doesn’t work because each integration is tied to just one product.

One roadblock we discovered is that only the actual "admin" user is able to create IMS configurations. Being in the "administrators" group is not good enough. As you can see here, we get an error saying, "user does not have necessary permissions:"

The AEM/Target integration hasn’t changed much between versions 6.4 and 6.5, the main change being the introduction of Adobe’s IMS-based authentication. However, there are still a lot of moving pieces to getting it all set up and working correctly. Use this guide as well as my last one related to 6.4 to help you avoid common pitfalls when integrating AEM 6.5 and Adobe Target.

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Integrating AEM 6.5 with Adobe Target


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