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Installing AEM as a service - LINUX/CentOS 7.x by Singaiah Chintalapudi


I think most of the AEM customers are running their AEM prod servers on the cloud managed by AMS. So, you most likely to use CentOS for your on-premise DEV/pre-prod servers. Therefore, this article will help you to setup the AEM on CentOS 7.x.

Before you start:
a. Make sure the java is installed and environment variables are set
b. You’ve a root access to the CentOS VM

Installing AEM:
a. Copy the aem-jar/license files to: /mnt/crx/author (if you’re setting publish then copy the jar to: /mnt/crx/publish). Make sure you re-name the jar i.e. for author: aem-author-p4502.jar; for publish: aem-publish-p4503.jar
b. For publish server setup: Shutdown the server and change the default port 4502 to 4503 on /mnt/crx/publish/crx-quickstart/bin/start. So, this will help to start the publish server on port 4503 when you start the server using these scripts under /mnt/crx/publish/crx-quickstart/bin folder.

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Installing AEM as a service - LINUX/CentOS 7.x


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