Install .zxp extension getting an error Abort trap:6 in terminal



Hi All,


I am trying to install zxp extension in Mac mojave(v10.14.6) with ExManCmd tool.

The terminal command is,

sudo -u root ./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd --install com.xyz.AEMassets.zxp

after enter this command and I'm getting Abort trap:6 error.


  • If InDesign CC 2018 only installed in this machine and the extension is installed successfully.
  • If InDesign CC2018 and InDesign CC 2019 are installed and then I'm getting the above error. (It is working fine earlier before 1 week. Now only It is not working)

I don't know, why It will happened? I have only one Mac machine. I tried uninstalling and installing again InDesign application is not helped.


Please share your thoughts.