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Inheritance concept in nested component in live copy page-MSM


Level 3

Hi All,

I have a live copy page with four levels of nested components, where a rich text and image component is used inside a carousel, which is used inside another container component.
According to my understanding, if I cancel inheritance of all components at the component level, nothing should be inherited from language copy during rollout/sync. When I use AEM drag-and-drop functionality to swap richtext and image component from left to right in carousel component, the alignment changes are saved and reflected in crx/de and rendered on the page as expected.
However, if I rollout/sync the page, the component's original positioning is inherited from language copy, indicating that the inheritance concept does not work well in this case when the component's level inheritance on the live copy page has been cancelled.

Could someone please tell me if this is a bug or a known problem?

Thanks 🙂

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