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Information when we hover over the pages in AEM 6.4.1.


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Hi Team,

We had an issue to get the page info when we hover over the pages in AEM 6.4.1 version. When we list the set of pages and when we hover over the page we get the info of that page on the bottom left of the page. Which is fine as expected.

Screenshot below:

issue 1.PNG

But when we do the search to get the list of the pages and when we hover on them, we cannot see the page info on the bottom left.

Screenshot below:

issue 2.PNG

-Currently in AEM 6.1 version it is working fine as expected but we are trying to migrate it to 6.4.1 and we are not able to see above functionality.

-We are looking for this functionality as we have one blueprint with 4 different live copies of same content( Divided to 4 segments). Sometimes author wants to edit the content for a page in 1 live copy instead of all the 4 live copies.



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