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Incorrect modified field when copying assets in DAM


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I've noticed an issue with AEM (going as far back as 5.6.1) where some assets do not get the correct "Modified By" field when copied.

Steps to reproduce:

- upload a Javascript file to the DAM using a test user

- login as another user (i.e. admin)

- copy/duplicate the Javascript file


the "modified" field mentions the user who created the original file


the "modified" field should contain the user who copied the file

The screenshot attached depicts this scenario (you'll notice this does not happen with the motorcycle JPG asset) - the image is rightfully assigned "admin" as the creator of the asset. This behavior has been noticed with JS, CSS, DOC assets.


There seems to be two conflicting "lastModifiedBy" properties against assets: "jcr:lastModifiedBy" and "cq:lastModifiedBy".

Has anyone else run into this issue? Is this the expected behavior?


I get the feeling this might be the intended behavior because no new renditions were created when non-image assets are copied. Therefore the asset wasn't actually modified. This might explain why the original user is listed in the Modified column.

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Looks like a bug - please file a ticket so it can be fixed.