Inconsistent node names in AEM



AEM Release Notes looks to be the last version before upgrading to 6.4. There is page node naming inconsistency observed between 6.3 and 6.3.2.

Here's an example, create a page by only providing the Title as "Stock Market mixed due to economic conditions". In 6.3 the page node name is created as "stock-market-mixedduetoeconomicconditions" and in 6.3.2 the page name is created as "stock-market-mixed-due-to-economic-conditions". Nothing specific in the docs here Apache Sling :: Manipulating Content - The SlingPostServlet (servlets.post). Verified on 6.2, page name is created as "stock-market-mixed-due-to-economic-conditions". Is this a known issue / documented in the release notes?