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Inconsistent node names in AEM


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AEM Release Notes looks to be the last version before upgrading to 6.4. There is page node naming inconsistency observed between 6.3 and 6.3.2.

Here's an example, create a page by only providing the Title as "Stock Market mixed due to economic conditions". In 6.3 the page node name is created as "stock-market-mixedduetoeconomicconditions" and in 6.3.2 the page name is created as "stock-market-mixed-due-to-economic-conditions". Nothing specific in the docs here Apache Sling :: Manipulating Content - The SlingPostServlet (servlets.post). Verified on 6.2, page name is created as "stock-market-mixed-due-to-economic-conditions". Is this a known issue / documented in the release notes? 

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We asked the doc team to comment here.