In Authoring environment for adding components on multiple tabs we need to click multiple times preview and edit





In order to view edit the contents for multiple  tab  to add components under parsys of multiple tabs that requires that section of the page to be clicked, the author must:

switch to preview mode
click on the tab or accordion where the content is to be authored to view the parsys
switch to edit mode
This can be very time consuming especially since the page refreshes and defaults to the first tab or closes the accordion after authoring some components.


Whenever the author needs to edit the page , edit mode is selected and authoring activities are performed.

During this edit mode , the click functionalities / user interactions on the actual links will be blocked by an overlay in touch UI enabling only authoring activities in components.

 Here the issue mentioned is - when multiple tabs are present the author is having no choice but to go to preview mode in order to navigate to tab2 then again needed to move to edit mode to do authoring tasks,
which is the only way in touch UI whereas the classic UI enables the user interaction in edit mode as well. 


Could some provide inputs as how to resolve this issue and just using only edit mode


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Accepted Solutions (1)






This issue is common for older components that were created back in 6.1. Since then, things have changed and a number of newer best-practices help to make components much more user-friendly to edit and configure for authors.


The problem here is that you do not have any javascript that can be triggered from the Editor overlay to change the selected tab. You could write this yourself by:

  1. Creating a clientlib which swiiches tabs
  2. Adding it to the edit dialog by using the extraClientlibs - String[] property on the cq:dialog node

But the easiest thing to do (and the most future-proof) would be to update your Tabs component. I suggest you migrate towards AEM Core Components - Tabs which already has a tab-switching feature in Edit mode:

Peek 2020-03-27 07-37.gif


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