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Image rename in AEM


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Hi All,


When we upload an image in DAM, it allows the uploading of image with extension (.png /.jpg).


But when we try to modify the name with the Move operation we get error that  ".  is not allowed" as it contains an extension.


If we remove the extension, then it is allowing us to modify the name, but in pages, the usage of the existing extension will break.


Please let me know anything we are missing in this case?

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Hi @akhilraj 

f you remove the extension from the file name, you are able to modify the name successfully. However, this may cause issues with the usage of the image in pages, as the existing extension is necessary for proper functionality.

To address this issue in AEM, 

  1. Instead of using the Move operation, use the Rename operation to modify the name of the image. This operation allows you to change the name without affecting the extension.

  2. If you need to move the image to a different location within the DAM, you can create a new folder or directory with the desired name and move the image into that folder. This way, you can achieve the desired organization without modifying the file name.


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So without removing the extension "move" operation(including rename) will not work in classic damadmin.

I have tried in touch UI(assets.html), and it is possible to rename even with extension.


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@akhilraj  are you looking for move operation in classic dam domain ?


If not in touch UI it should be possible


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Hi @akhilraj ,

In Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), renaming images in DAM can sometimes be a bit tricky due to restrictions related to file extensions. Here's how you can handle renaming images while preserving their extensions:

  1. Use the Rename Operation: Instead of the Move operation, try using the Rename operation in AEM DAM. This operation should allow you to change the name of the asset without altering its file extension.

  2. Remove Illegal Characters: If you encounter an error stating that certain characters are not allowed, such as periods ('.'), when renaming an asset, you may need to remove those characters from the filename. However, removing the period might affect how the asset is referenced in pages.

  3. Consider Metadata: AEM often relies on metadata to determine the type of asset being referenced. If you're concerned about maintaining the correct file extension for usage in pages, ensure that the asset's metadata (e.g., MIME type) reflects the correct file type even if the filename doesn't contain an extension.

  4. Update References: After renaming the asset, you may need to update any references to the asset in your pages or components to reflect the new filename. This ensures that links to the asset remain functional.

  5. Evaluate Workflows: If your AEM instance has workflows configured for asset management, check if there are any workflows that might interfere with renaming assets or enforcing filename restrictions. Adjustments to workflows may be necessary to accommodate your renaming needs.

  6. Test Thoroughly: Before making widespread changes to asset filenames, thoroughly test the impact on your AEM instance, including how renamed assets are referenced in pages and how they behave in different scenarios.

By following these steps and considering the implications of renaming assets in AEM DAM, you should be able to successfully rename images while maintaining their file extensions and ensuring their proper usage in pages.





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Kautuk Sahni