I18n json as API




I am trying to build a API on top of i18n. So I can expose it for other channels to consume it. Essentially, I don't want to expose the full json dict. 

I want something like this, <domain>/<country>/<lang>/<pagecode>/<feature>.json and expecting it to give me the filtered json for the feature. I could do it for .html. which is giving me the json (as string) in the Html output. But when I use .json it is not. I have a json rendition (json.jsp). It is Getting handled by default servlet and giving me error. Please help. I checked .json extension is there in the sling get servlet. 


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Hi @sagarneelb ,


You can have a custom servlet based on resource type or selector e.g.

You can call<domain>/<country>/<lang>/<pagecode>/<feature>.jsondict


@Component(metatype = false)
@Property(name = "sling.servlet.selectors", value = { "jsondict" }) })
public class DefaultDictionarySelector extends SlingSafeMethodsServlet {
////// Filter logic based on feature
///// Write json