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I can't edit my text components


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Hi, sorry for my bad english, I'll try my best to be understandable.
In AEM I have two projects and in the first one I edited my toolbar dialog by putting the rtePlugins on the cq:dialog of the component "text" to see the underline, etc.. and it's working perfectly.
On the second one, created in the same way of the first one i can't see the underline on the cq:dialog toolbar of the component text in "Components" folder but if I move the node on a sub folder o rename the node it works correctly.
So I have this issue only if the node is named "text" and it's in the "Components" folder. 
Can you help me? Thank you in advance.

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Hi @FullDaSHi ,

It sounds like you're encountering a namespace or node collision issue in AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) where the configuration for the text component in the Components folder is being overridden or conflicted with another configuration. This type of issue can happen due to the way AEM resolves component dialogs and configurations.

Here are some steps and considerations to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

1. Check for Name Collisions

Ensure that there are no other components or configurations with the same name (text) in the same namespace that might be causing a collision.

2. Verify Sling Resource Merger

AEM uses the Sling Resource Merger mechanism to merge configurations from different locations. Check if there are any overlays or extensions in /apps or /libs that might be affecting the text component.

3. Inspect Node Properties

Compare the properties and structure of the text component in both projects to ensure they are consistent. Pay attention to properties like sling:resourceSuperType, cq:dialog, and other configuration nodes.

4. Clear Cache and Rebuild

Sometimes, AEM caching might cause issues. Clear the dispatcher cache (if applicable) and restart AEM to ensure all configurations are reloaded properly.

5. Debugging with CRXDE Lite

Use CRXDE Lite to inspect the exact paths and nodes:

  1. Open CRXDE Lite: Go to http://<your-aem-instance>/crx/de.
  2. Navigate to Components: Browse to /apps/<your-project>/components/text.
  3. Inspect and Compare: Check the cq:dialog node and its properties. Ensure there are no duplicate or conflicting nodes.

6. Rename and Test

You mentioned that renaming the node or moving it to a subfolder works. This indicates a conflict with the name text in the Components folder. Try these steps to isolate and resolve the issue:

  • Temporary Rename: Rename the node to something unique like text2 and test if it works.
  • Create a New Node: Create a new node with a unique name, copy the configurations, and test.
  • Folder Structure: Ensure the folder structure does not cause any unintended conflicts.

Example Steps to Isolate Issue:

  1. Rename Node:

    • Navigate to /apps/<your-project>/components.
    • Rename the text node to text2.
  2. Test Configuration:

    • Test the renamed component in your AEM instance to verify if the toolbar dialog works as expected.
  3. Compare Configurations:

    • Compare the configurations of the working component (text2) with the original text component.

Potential Fixes:

  1. Unique Names: If the issue is resolved by renaming, consider using unique names for your components to avoid collisions.
  2. Namespace: Use a different namespace or prefix for your component names to ensure they do not conflict with other configurations.


The issue you are facing is likely due to a naming conflict with the text component in the Components folder. By renaming the component or moving it to a different folder, you are avoiding this conflict. To resolve it permanently, ensure that your component names are unique and do not conflict with other existing configurations in AEM. Using a prefix or namespace for your custom components can help prevent such issues in the future.