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HTML5 GeoLocation Personalization : AEM6.3


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Hi Team,

I have a requirement to personalize carousel content on homepage based on the regions. I tried the following steps to achieve it:

1. Created segments based on lat/log for each region.

2. Created brand,

3. Targeted the component with these audiences.

After the above steps, only on Firefox latest version I am able to get the personalized content. On further analysis, I could see that the local storage created by the context Hub, is creating the store Object as shown below.


On google Chrome and IE, the address and adddressDetailsOf item is not getting created.

As per this article: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2016/04/geolocation-on-secure-contexts-only only in secure connections the geolocation works correctly.

So tested the same on QA which is secure and still the address and addressDetailsOf is not created.

Could someone please help? Thanks

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See this artilce where we use COntextHub to create peronalization experiences in the example Toy Store site -- Scott's Digital Community: Using the ContextHub with the Experience Manager Toy Store site


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Hi smacdonald2008​, Thanks for the link. I was able to implement geolocation on author instance by referring to the above article, but I am unable to identify the location where the personalized content gets stored for testing the same on publish instance on local, because on publish instance as well, both address and addressDetailsOf items are not getting created under geolocation store.

Also on publish instance the same segments are not getting resolved.

Could you please help here.?