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how to use crx2oak (or any other tool) to migrate just content versions prior to a specific date?


Level 8
  1. Is there a way to get/transfer just the versions prior to a specific date?
  2. I looked at crx2oak and it seems to me that both AEM repositories must be available locally. (example: I am able to navigate/see both repositories directories/files using terminal commands like cd and ls)
  3. If no.2 is correct then that means both AEM repositores have been NFS/Samba mapped to a local folder. correct?
  4. any other tips you want to share?

Thank you.

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using crx2oak or the migration tool that's on jackrabbit link, am I correct in saying that both instances must be availabe in the filesystem? (like I can use cd or ls commands to navigate/view the files for the crx-quickstart directory)


Thanks again