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How to setup a flush agent to auto-clear dispatcher cache when I deploy/install a new package?


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as above.


Basically, I want /var/www/html (or whatever is the configured Apache HTTP server home folder) to be empty.


scenario1: I manually installed a code (or content package) package via packMgr. I want the dispatcher cache to be cleared.


scenario2: I installed a code package via CI/CD.  I want the dispatcher cache to be clear.


I know I can manually run a curl command to invalidate dispatcher cache but I'm hoping this can be done via an agent.


curl -u admin:ADMIN-PASSWORD-HERE -k -H "CQ-Action: Delete" -H "Content-Length: 0" -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" -H "CQ-Handle: /content" https://PUBLISH-DISPATCHER-IP:PORT/dispatcher/invalidate.cache



Thank you.

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Hi @jayv25585659 


Heard about about ACS Commons 'On-Deploy Scripts' ?
Reference : https://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-commons/features/on-deploy-scripts/index.html 

Put your cURL logic in your script and then every single time you deploy the code this script runs. However, the catch is - that the on-deploy script is not supported on AEM as a Cloud Service. If you are (by chance) using AEMaCS, then you need to think about something else.



- Bilal